Bylaws are the rules and regulations by which local governments operate. Bylaws are created to develop and maintain a safe and livable environment for all residents within the regional district. 

The bylaws listed below are published for convenience only and are not to be considered legal versions. Please note that this is not a comprehensive list of all regional district bylaws, and the bylaws provided may not contain the latest amendment(s).

If a bylaw has been updated with an amendment, a consolidated version (incorporating the update) has been published for convenience. While every effort is made to ensure the bylaws on the website are accurate, the CVRD cannot guarantee the accuracy of information provided. The regional district accepts no responsibility or liability for damages of any kind arising out of the use of the information found on the website. Certified copies of bylaws, or copies of bylaws not listed below, may be obtained from the Legislative Services Division. 

A bylaw to adopt a five year financial plan
Building Regulation Bylaw No. 3422 (consolidated for convenience)
A bylaw that regulates the construction, alteration, repair, and demolition of buildings and structures
Landclearing Management Regulation Bylaw No. 2020 (consolidated for convenience)
A bylaw to regulate the burning of landscaping debris
Smoke Control Regulation Bylaw No. 3716 (consolidated for convenience)
 A bylaw to regulate open air burning by controlling nuisance smoke pollution
Advisory Planning Commission Bylaw No. 4408
A bylaw to establish electoral area advisory planning commissions
Community Safety Advisory Commission Bylaw No. 3622  (consolidated for convenience)
A bylaw to establish a commission to provide advice on safety issues of regional, subregional, and interagency importance
Cowichan Lake Recreation Commission Bylaw No. 2483
A bylaw to establish a commission to oversee the development, operation and maintenance of recreation facilities in the Cowichan Lake area
Island Savings Centre Commission Bylaw No. 431 (consolidated for convenience)
A bylaw to establish a commission to oversee the operation and maintenance of the Island Savings Centre 
Kerry Park Recreation Centre Commission Bylaw No. 3264
A bylaw to establish a commission to oversee the development and administration of recreation services at the Kerry Park Recreation Centre
Shawnigan Lake Community Centre Commission Bylaw No. 2058 (consolidated for convenience)
A bylaw to establish a commission to oversee the administration and maintenance of the Shawnigan Lake Community Centre
A bylaw to establish a Community Parks Advisory Commission within the Electoral Areas
Community Parks Advisory Commission Bylaw No. 4153
Dog Regulation and Impounding Bylaw No. 3032  (consolidated for convenience)
A bylaw regulating the keeping of dogs
Election and Assent Voting Procedures Bylaw No. 4126 (consolidated for convenience)
A bylaw to establish various procedures for conducting local government elections and assent (referendum) voting
Fireworks Sale and Discharge Bylaw No. 39  (consolidated for convenience)
A bylaw regulating the sale and use of fireworks
Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Bylaw No. 1658 (consolidated for convenience)
A bylaw for the administration of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act and its effects on the administration of CVRD records
Noise Control Bylaw No. 3723
A bylaw to regulate or prohibit the making of certain noises
Parks Bylaw No. 738
A bylaw establishing regulations regarding park usage
Board Meeting Procedures Bylaw No. 2889  (consolidated for convenience)
A bylaw to establish procedures for the proceedings and conduct of Board meetings
Committee and Commissions Meeting Procedures Bylaw No. 2922  (consolidated for convenience)
A bylaw to establish procedures for the proceedings and conduct of Committee and Commission meetings
Development Application Procedures Bylaw No. 4379
A bylaw to establish development application procedures and fees
Clean Indoor Air and Control of Smoking Bylaw No. 1672
A bylaw for the purpose of prohibiting and/or regulating smoking
Ticket Information Authorization Bylaw No. 3209  (consolidated for convenience)
A bylaw authorizing Bylaw Enforcement Officers to Issue tickets for bylaw offences
Transit Service Establishment Bylaw No. 1450  (consolidated for convenience)
A bylaw to establish a transit service
Unsightly Premises, House Numbering and Graffiti Bylaw No. 1341
A bylaw to control House Numbering, Unsightly Premises and Graffiti
The following zoning bylaws regulate the use of land in specific areas by categorizing properties for a specific range of permitted uses, densities, siting, and building form:
Area A - Mill Bay/Malahat and Area C - Cobble Hill (South Cowichan) Bylaw No. 3520 (consolidated for convenience)
Maps: Mill Bay Village North, & South, Cobble Hill Village, South Cowichan Rural (consolidated for convenience)
Area B - Shawnigan Lake, Bylaw No. 985 (consolidated for convenience)
Maps: Index, North, South, Central
Area D - Cowichan Bay (Marine/Cowichan Estuary Environmental Management Plan Areas), Bylaw No. 1015 (consolidated for convenience)
Maps: Area D (Marine/Cowichan Estuary Environmental Management Plan Areas)
Area D – Cowichan Bay (Uplands), Bylaw No. 3705 (consolidated for convenience)
Maps: Area D (Uplands)
Area E - Cowichan Station/Sahtlam/Glenora, Bylaw No. 1840 (consolidated for convenience)
Maps: Index, East, West
Area F - Cowichan Lake South/Skutz Falls, Bylaw No. 2600 (consolidated for convenience) 
Maps: Index, East, Central, West
Area G - Saltair/Gulf Islands, Bylaw No. 2524 (consolidated for convenience)
Maps: Area G 
Area H - North Oyster/Diamond, Bylaw No. 1020 (consolidated for convenience)
Maps: Area H
Area I - Youbou/Meade Creek, Bylaw No. 2465 (consolidated for convenience)
Maps: Map 1 Map 2