Applications Forms

Application Process

The following are required for all applications. Staff may not accept incomplete applications. 

For all Development Permit (DP) applications, please find the appropriate checklist and Development Permit Guideline Assessment Form(s) below. Depending on the Development Permit Area(s) (DPA's) applicable to the subject property there may be multiple assessment forms required.

Development Permit Area (DPA)Application ChecklistDPA Guideline Assessment Form
DPA 1: Riparian ProtectionDPA 1: ChecklistDPA 1: Assessment Form
DPA 2: Sensitive EcosystemsDPA 2: ChecklistDPA 2: Assessment Form
DPA 3: Marine Uplands & Foreshore ProtectionDPA 3: ChecklistDPA 3: Assessment Form
DPA 4: Aquifer ProtectionDPA 4: ChecklistDPA 4: Assessment Form
DPA 5: Wildfire ProtectionDPA 5: ChecklistDPA 5: Assessment Form
DPA 6: Floodplain HazardDPA 6: ChecklistDPA 6: Assessment Form
DPA 7: Landslide HazardDPA 7: ChecklistDPA 7: Assessment Form
DPA 8: Protection of FarmingDPA 8: ChecklistDPA 8: Assessment Form
General Form & Character DPA Guidelines 
(applies to DPA's 9 - 12)
General Guidelines
(applies to DPA's 9 - 12)
DPA 9: Intensive ResidentialDPA 9: ChecklistDPA 9: Assessment Form
DPA 10: Multi-family Residential DevelopmentDPA 10: ChecklistDPA 10: Assessment Form
DPA 11: Commercial and Mixed Use DevelopmentDPA 11: ChecklistDPA 11: Assessment Form
DPA 12: Industrial DevelopmentDPA 12: ChecklistDPA 12: Assessment Form
DPA 13: Energy & Water Conservation; GHG Emissions ReductionDPA 13: ChecklistDPA 13: Assessment Form

For all applications requiring a geotechnical assessment report, please complete the Geohazard Assurance Statement Form

For more information on the development permit process, please see the following Development Permit Guide.

For all other development applications, please find the appropriate checklist below.

Development Application TypeApplication ChecklistGuide
Board of VarianceBOV Application Form
Covenant Amendment or DischargeChecklist
Development VarianceChecklistGuide
Floodplain Bylaw ExemptionChecklist
Land Use Contract Amendment or DischargeChecklist
Minimum Frontage ExemptionChecklist
Official Community Plan (OCP) Amendment, Zoning Bylaw Amendment or BothChecklistGuide
Phased Development AgreementChecklist
Strata ConversionChecklist
Temporary Use Permit, Amendment or RenewalChecklist

Fee Schedule

View a listing of Development Application Fees. The CVRD accepts cash, cheque or interac, but does not accept credit cards.

Please Note: The time required to process applications depends on the complexity of the proposal. Incomplete applications will cause delays.