Building in the ALR

What is the ALR?

The ALR is BC’s provincial zone that preserves agricultural land for the future. The ALC (Agricultural Land Commission) is the administrative tribunal that adjudicates applications in the ALR while prioritizing and protecting the ALR land base and its use for agriculture. 

How do I know if my property is in the ALR?

You can use the map system provided by the ALC to locate your parcel here or CVRD Web Map Tool to find your property and toggle on the ALR layer (see icon at the bottom of the page for Maps & GIS or the link to the left that says Web Map).

Notice of Intent Requirements

Depending on the type of building or development project you are planning on undertaking, a Soil or Fill Notice of Intent (NOI) may be required through the ALC prior to the issuance of a Building Permit for the removal or placement of soil or fill.

What kind of building or structure is an NOI required for?

  • Detached, accessory dwelling structures,
  • Non-farm use accessory buildings or structures,
  • Constructing or maintaining a structure for farm use OR for a principal residence if the total area from which soil is removed, or on which fill is placed, is greater than 1,000 m², and
  • Any other work not exempted by the ALR Use Regulation

A person who places fill or removes soil from land in the ALR without successfully having completed an NOI or Soil or Fill Use Application, may be subject to a penalty or order to remediate the land or remove the unauthorized fill.

If you require further clarification, please contact the ALC at or 236-468-3343.

Important ALC Soil and Fill Links