Frequently Asked Questions

If you have general questions about picnic shelter reservations, group park use or other special park use, you may find the answers here.  

If you have additional questions, please see the About Parks & Trails homepage or contact the CVRD Parks & Trails Division at 250.746.2660 or by email.

Q: Are we allowed to use the picnic shelter at Bright Angel Park, Glenora Trails Head Park or Elsie Miles Park without a reservation?
The picnic shelters may be used without reservation only if you have a small group (under 10 people) that wishes to use the facility for casual use, if there is no other reservation occupying the shelter during your visit to the park.  Note: birthday parties and all other organized groups/events, must reserve the facility through the online reservation system. Use of the fire pit and woodstove cooker is not permitted without a reservation.

Q: Are barbeques permitted at the parks?
The CVRD permits the use of propane barbeques in all of the parks, as long as they are used on a gravel or concrete surface and away from anything flammable.  Note: barbeques are not to be used on wooden picnic tables.

Use of propane barbeques may be limited during times of extreme fire risk. Please follow directions of any posted signage in parks.

Q: Is alcohol permitted at the parks?
Alcohol is not permitted in CVRD parks or trails, as per Parks Bylaw No. 738.

Q: Can I bring a bouncy castle to the park for my child's birthday party?
Bouncy castles are not permitted for use in CVRD parks.

Q: Can I have a campfire at the park?
Campfires are only permitted in the designated areas at Bright Angel Park (fire pit in the upper picnic shelter and woodstove in the lower picnic shelter) during your picnic shelter rental. In addition, there are charcoal briquette barbeques for use at Glenora Trails Head Park.

Campfires are not permitted at any other CVRD parks or trails at any time.

When a provincial fire ban is in effect, campfires are NOT permitted. Additional information regarding fire bans and restrictions can be located here:

Q: Are propane firepits permitted at any of the parks?  What about propane heaters?
The CVRD does not permit the use of propane firepits or propane heaters in the parks.

Q: Are there power receptacles available for use at the parks?  
CVRD parks do not have any power available for public use.

Q:  Are we allowed to use decorations at the park for our child’s birthday party or other event?
Decorations are permitted as long as staples are not used (only tape, tacks or string are permitted) and all decorations are removed at the conclusion of your event.  

If you intend to use decorations for your event and you are using a reservable picnic shelter facility, please ensure that you allow for additional time for set-up and take-down in your rental contract.

Q: Is firewood available at the park facilities?
Firewood is only available at Bright Angel Park and can be requested through the online reservation process (which is organized prior to your arrival).  A bundle of firewood is $15.00 and is approximately 8-10 pieces of wood.  When you arrive for your reservation, the firewood will be at your picnic shelter for you.

If you do not wish to purchase firewood, you may bring clean, local firewood (i.e. no cut-offs, 2x4s, etc.) as long as you remove any unburned wood when finished.

There is a fire pit for use in the upper picnic shelter and a woodstove for use in the lower picnic shelter at Bright Angel Park, which can only be used with a reservation.

Q: Is there potable water available at the parks?
There is potable water available in the washrooms at Bright Angel Park and Glenora Trails Head Park. 

Q: Can I bring my generator to the park?
Generators are not permitted for use at the parks.  Exceptions may be considered if prior approval is obtained in relation to larger permitted special events with community benefit.

Q:  How do I make a change to my online reservation request for a picnic shelter? 
Once your picnic shelter reservation is complete, changes to details are not permitted. If you need to cancel a reservation, please contact the Parks & Trails Division at 250.746.2660 or email.

Q. Can we remove rocks, sticks, leaves, etc. from the parks for crafts or activities?
No, all natural items in parks and trails must be left in place as they are an important part of the parks ecosystem. Parks and trails are protected for the habitat they provide and for the enjoyment of all. 

All activities within CVRD parks and trails are regulated by the Parks Bylaw No. 738.