About Parks and Trails in the Cowichan Valley

COVID-19 UPDATES for Parks and Trails: 

As part of the CVRD Stage 3 reopening, all parks and trails are now open including playgrounds and other park amenities.

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Blue Heron Park

Blue Heron Park beach,

Community and Regional Parks

The Parks & Trails Division manages approximately 206 Community Parks, eight Regional Parks, two Regional Trails as well as Cobble Hill Mountain Regional Recreation Area. There are approximately 1200 hectares of Community Parks and 823 hectares of Regional Parkland plus the Cowichan Valley Trail. Parks and Trails Annual Reports were created up until 2015 that provide additional information on parks and trails.

The two links below provide maps of the entire Region showing the location of our parks as well as the Cowichan Valley Trail brochure.

CVRD Parks and Trails Guide (2021)
Cowichan Valley Trail Brochure (2021)