Food & Beverage

Enjoy a Worry-Free Dining Experience

Book your event with Cowichan Lake Recreation and enjoy a worry-free dining experience. We are committed to providing the finest quality food, service, and event possible. Catering menus are custom created for you with your special event in mind.

We offer breakfast, lunch, dinner, and appetizers. Let our professional catering staff help you achieve your ultimate food and beverage goal.

To talk about food or beverage for your event, contact Dustin at: or call 250.749.6742 ext 3604

Catering Services

"Whether it's a buffet or a custom menu you are looking for; we specialize in customer satisfaction."


NOTE: This service is provided for any space OUTSIDE the current green-lined areas of the Liquor Primary License #163104

The following fees are due 30 days PRIOR to the event date (taxes are included):

  • 1 bartender at event:      $35.00/hr for a minimum of 4 hours = $140.00
  • 2 bartenders at event: $60.00/hr for a minimum of 4 hours = $240.00
  • 3 bartenders at event: $85.00/hr for a minimum of 4 hours = $340.00
The client will be responsible to bring their alcohol, mix, glasses, bartending supplies, ice and a copy of the SOL to the venue.

Our service in the hourly time rate includes:
  • Setting up the bar one hour prior to the event.
  • Selling liquor on behalf of the client not to exceed the Special Occasions License prices listed on the license copy.
  • Provision of a float.
  • Taking a receipt book and pen along.
  • Cleaning up the bar area after the event and boxing up all unused supplies for the client.
  • Charging the above hourly rate for any time in excess of the 4 hour minimum fee already paid (note this 4 hour minimum includes time taken by staff to set up and clean up the bar area).
  • Issuing a hand written receipt for any fees collected over and above the 4 hour minimum.
  • Leaving all unused and unsold liquor and bar supplies for the renter to load up and take home with them as this is their property.
  • Giving the client all of the revenue received - less CLR's float and any outstanding bartending fees.
  • Receiving a hand written receipt from the client for revenue.  

Sticks & Stones Cafe 

The Sticks & Stones Cafe is open:

  • Saturdays and Sundays  during the regular ice season for hockey games.
  • Monday Afternoon Free Skate and Friday Night Public Skate
  • When required the Cafe will be open for Jamborees, Hockey Tournaments, Curling Bonspiels and Special Events.
The Cafe menu includes (but not limited to):

Breakfast Sandwich     Wraps        Homemade Soups        Beef, Chicken, & Veg Burgers         Hotdogs        Fries

We also prepare in-house:

Muffins        Cookies        Smoothies        Parfaits   

For more information please contact Dustin, Food and Beverage Coordinator at: or call 250.749.6742 ext 3604