1. Cowichan Lake Recreation

    Physical Address
    311 South Shore Road
    PO BOX 777
    Lake Cowichan, BC V0R 2G0

    Phone : 250.749.6742
    Fax : 250.749.6341

Facility & Equipment Rental

Cowichan Lake Recreation has a wide variety of facilities and equipment to ensure whatever event  you are planning is successful. Whether it be a family, community or corporate function we are happy to share our amenities and expertise.

Cowichan Lake Sports Arena Information Package

Cowichan Lake Ice Rates 2022 (Prices include GST & PST if applicable)

   Base Fee Fee + Tax
Adults (Prime Rate) $158.80 $163.56
Adults (Non-Prime Rate) $121.35 $127.42
Minors (Prime Rate) $86.58 $90.91
Minors (Non-Prime Rate) $43.74 $45.93
Non-Prime = Midnight = 6:00 a.m. any day / 6:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. when school is in session.

Daily Rentals

Hourly Rates

Whole Hall  
(setup fees are optional and extra)
Youbou, Centennial, Honeymoon Bay, Mesachie Lake $355.67
Large Hall or Room  
(setup fees are optional & extra)                                                         
Curling Rink, Youbou Upper hall, Youbou Main Hall, Centennial Upper Hall, Mesachie Lake Main Hall,
Honeymoon Bay Main Hall, (Curling Lounge - with no changes required to floor plan) 
Lower Centennial Hall - without Kitchen  $156.44
Lower Centennial Hall - with Kitchen  $199.23
Honeymoon Bay Dining Room   $112.55
Arena Multipurpose Room, Curling Lounge (includes setup)  $238.61
Playschool Extension Room, Playschool Room  $135.67
Multipurpose Room plus Playschool Extension Room  $371.42
Multipurpose Room plus Playschool Extension Room plus Playschool Room  $491.85
Type of Rental                                Rate
Commercial Rate (0 - 2 hour rental) $29.55/hr
Meeting Rate (2 - 4 hours, no setup required) $85.53/hr
Meeting Rate  (2 - 4 hours, setup required) $102.43/hr
Memorial Tea Rate (2 -4 hours, no setup required) $85.53/hr
Memorial Tea Rate (2 - 4 hours, setup required) $102.43/hr
Sports/Theatre/Youth Rate (no setup required) $18.57/hr
Sports/Theatre/Youth Rate (setup required) $22.51/hr

Other Charges

Setup Rates Rate
Large Setup and Breakdown                                          $260
Small Setup and Breakdown $150
Large Individual Setup or Breakdown  $130
Small Individual Setup or Breakdown $90
Equipment Transport    Rate
One Way $185
Both Ways $370

Equipment Rentals


Cowichan Lake Recreation is happy to rent you tables and chairs for your family event. Availability of this equipment will depend on whether or not the space where the equipment is housed is rented out to another user group, as this does take precedence.

There is a small fee for these rentals. Please contact us at 250.749.6742 ext. 0 for current information.

When a person rents a space from us in one of our facilities, we provide you with a list of equipment available for your use at no extra charge.



How to Book a Space

Booking Space in a Facility

If you would like to book a space in any one of our four community halls, the arena, curling rink, or bowling alley you have a few choices.