Call for Program Proposals

Program Proposal Icons

Do you have a special skill, talent, expertise, or ability that you can share with the South Cowichan Recreation community? 

We are calling all interested individuals to submit proposals to offer and instruct recreation programs at Shawnigan Lake Community Centre or Kerry Park Recreation Centre.

Programs are delivered by community members and vendors that have developed enough knowledge and experience to deliver an engaging program.

Here are some examples of opportunities that your community may wish to access:

Art & Crafting
ex. water colour painting, knitting, digital art
Specialized Cooking Skills
ex. world cuisines, bread making
Creative Skills
ex. photography, writing
Active Lifestyle Activities
ex. Nordic pole walking, cycling
Pursuits in Nature
ex. bird watching, nature education
Sport Instruction & Skills Training
ex. pitching clinics, learn to play lacrosse
Fitness & Lifestyle
ex. group fitness training, Pilates
Life Skills
ex. resume writing, using technology

Our community members have wide and varied interests and aspirations. We’re open to creative and interesting ideas and suggestions. In upcoming seasons, we’ll be particularly interested in classes that can be offered in a virtual space.

Proposal Deadlines:

  • Deadline for Fall (Sept - Dec) program submissions: May 31
  • Deadline for Winter/Spring (Jan - May) program submissions: Sept 30
  • Deadline for Summer (May - Aug) program submissions: Jan 31

Has the deadline passed for the season you’d hoped to join? Send us your proposal anyways! We would love to hear from you.

  1. Qualifications
  2. Experience
  3. What to Consider

In many cases, professional qualifications are not necessary to instruct recreation level programs. Here are the qualifications to consider:

  • Willing and able to submit to a Criminal Record Check.
  • May be required to have First Aid training, depending on the nature of the program offering.
  • Depth of knowledge and experience is sufficient to meet program demands.
  • Able to confidently present information in small group settings.
  • May require industry standard training depending on the program offering.
  1. Fees and Remuneration
  2. How to Propose a Program

At Shawnigan Lake Community Centre and Kerry Park Recreation Centre we try to provide affordable and accessible ways for community members to participate in activities and be introduced to new pastimes. These are a few things we will consider when working with you to develop fees and remuneration:

  • Look at similar types of programs and offerings for fee suggestions.
  • Strive to offer a fair, competitive, and accessible fee that promotes greater participation levels.
  • Instructors may be paid on an hourly basis as a temporary employee or as a small business. We’ll help you decide what the best option is for you.
  • Many of our instructors come to us as volunteers - as they hope to promote their sport or activity, give back to the community, or create low cost opportunities for a program area that they are passionate about.