Community Heritage Register & Candidates

A Community Heritage Register (CHR), which can include a wide range of properties exhibiting various heritage values is typically reserved for properties that have outstanding merit and are highly representative of a community’s history and heritage. Click below for the current electoral area Community Heritage Register and Candidates:

Area A Mill Bay Historic Church
Area B Last Spike Stone Cairn
Area C Shearing Tree

Area A
Pictured is the Mill Bay Historic Church.

Pictured is the Last Spike Stone Cairn in Shawnigan Lake.

Area C
Pictured is the Shearing Tree: one of the largest remaining Douglas fir trees on Vancouver Island.

Area D Old Koksilah School

Area D
Pictured is the the Old Koksilah School Museum.

Area E Paldi Sikh Temple and Cemetery

Area E
Pictured is the Paldi Sikh Temple and Cemetery.

Area F Cowichan Lake Research Station

Area F
Pictured is the Cowichan Lake Research Station.

Area G Boulder Point

Area G
Pictured is Boulder Point.

Area H North Oyster Community Hall

Area H
Pictured is the North Oyster Community Hall.

Area I Youbou Community Hall

Area I
Pictured is the Youbou Community Hall.

Click the images below to take a tour through the Electoral Area Historical Designations and Registry: