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Community Event Tote Booking Form

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  2. Event Details:
  3. Number of Totes Required:
  4. Hauling Options:
  5. Self Haul

    Everyday between 9:30AM - 3:30PM (excluding holidays)

  6. CVRD Haul

    CVRD Haul * CVRD Staff tote delivery and pick-up times may vary between 9:30AM - 3:30PM Monday - Friday

    * See below for list of charges.

  7. Fees:

    Visit the CVRD office at 175 Ingram Street in Duncan to provide the mandatory $200 deposit (pay by cash, cheque or credit card). This deposit will be used to cover fees associated with garbage ($192/tonne) and organics ($125/tonne) disposal. It may also be used to cover processing contaminated materials, and unclean or damaged totes. Accepted materials and tipping fees are subject to change without notice.

  8. Community Event Tote Fee Table
  9. * The tote deposit will be returned by mail in the form of a CVRD cheque within four weeks following your event given totes are clean and undamaged.

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  11. I acknowledge that I have read and understand event details and instructions for this program.*
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