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Community Event Tote Booking Form

  1. Contact Details:
  2. Event Details:
  3. Number of Totes Required:
  4. Hauling Options:
  5. Self Haul

    Everyday between 9:30AM - 3:30PM (excluding holidays)

  6. CVRD Haul

    CVRD Haul * CVRD Staff tote delivery and pick-up times may vary between 9:30AM - 3:30PM Monday - Friday

    * See below for list of charges.

  7. Fees:

    Visit the CVRD office at 175 Ingram Street in Duncan to provide the mandatory $200 deposit (pay by cash, cheque or credit card). This deposit will be used to cover fees associated with garbage ($164/tonne) and organics ($125/tonne) disposal. It may also be used to cover processing contaminated materials, and unclean or damaged totes.

  8. Community Event Tote Fee Table
  9. * The tote deposit will be returned by mail in the form of a CVRD cheque within four weeks following your event given totes are clean and undamaged.

  10. Return Deposit to:
  11. I acknowledge that I have read and understand event details and instructions for this program.*
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