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CVRD Parks & Trails Special Event Permit Application

  1. CVRD Parks & Trails Special Event Permit Application 

    The CVRD requires the submission of a Special Event Permit Application for any event proposed in a CVRD park or trail that falls into any of the following categories:

    • is open to the public;
    • will have attendance of 40 or more people;
    • is being hosted by a club, organization or society;
    • requires any set-up (e.g. chairs, tables, tents); or
    • proposed activities are outside of normal park use.

    Depending on the location and activities included in your proposed event, approval may need to be acquired from other jurisdictions including BC Parks, and the BC Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure. A Vancouver Island Health Authority (VIHA) permit may be required if your event involves food service to the public.


     A minimum of 30 days is required for smaller events and no less than 90 days for larger, more complicated events.

    Next steps:

    Once a Special Event Permit Application is received, CVRD staff will review your application and be in contact via email. 

  2. Applicant Information

  3. Please note, the applicant detailed above is required to sign the application form and will be the sole contact for communications with the CVRD. 

  4. Proposed Event Information 

  5. On-site contact during event 

  6. Proposed Event

  7. Please describe your event *
  8. Please note, if your event is a walk, run or ride please provide information regarding the proposed route(s), along with a detailed route map. 

  9. Has this event occurred at a CVRD Park or Trail before? *
  10. Event Attendance

  11. Will this event be private or open to the public? *

    Public events: are open to members of the public (i.e. anyone can attend or participate). These are typically larger events held by organizations, societies or non profits. E.g. Walk, run or ride. Private events: are events only open to invited persons or members. E.g. Weddings 

  12. Are participants required to purchase tickets for this event? *
  13. Event Logistics

  14. Will food be served? *

    Please note, a VIHA Temporary Food Service Permit may be required if the food being served is beyond low-risk prepackaged (e.g. store bought) foods. Please contact VIHA for guidance on permit requirement. 

  15. Will there be sales of any kind?*

    Please note, commercial activities are not permitted. 

  16. Will temporary structures be used? (tents, canopies, stage, generators, portable washrooms etc.)*
  17. Is a picnic shelter reservation requested as part of this event? *

    Available at Bright Angel Park, Glenora Trails Head Park and Elsie Miles Park.

  18. Will amplified sound be used? (music, announcements etc.) *
  19. Are there special vehicle/parking requirements?*

    Please note, an overflow parking plan may be required. 

  20. Please outline the emergency procedures for this event including the number of first aid attendants and their level of certification, emergency vehicle access and evacuation routes. First aid requirements are determined by the size and type of event being proposed. 

  21. How will event waste be managed? What measures will be put in place for environmental protection, recycling etc.?
    Please note, you are responsible for the proper disposal of all waste associated with your event. 

  22. If yes, please provide details. 

  23. Eg. Will signage be used? 

  24. Insurance

    Special events occurring in CVRD Parks & Trails are required to provide a certificate of insurance naming the Cowichan Valley Regional District (175 Ingram Street, Duncan, BC, V9L 1N8) as additionally insured.

    The special event permit holder, as well as any sub-contractor providing event services must obtain comprehensive general liability insurance protecting the Cowichan Valley Regional District against liability for bodily injury, death or property damage, arising out of the event. Minimum limit of $2,000,000 commercial general liability insurance against third party claims for bodily injury, death, property and loss of use (Note: a higher limit of liability insurance might be required depending on event details). Maximum deductible $5,000 per occurrence, with a cross liability clause. A certificate of insurance naming the Cowichan Valley Regional District as additional insured must be received before final approval of an event. CVRD retains the right to cancel an event if a certificate of insurance is not received before the event date. By accepting this permit, the special event permit holder acknowledges sole responsibility for obtaining whatever coverage the CVRD deems necessary. Insurance can be obtained through any insurance agent. Events that include the use of lands or facilities not owned by the CVRD may be required to provide additional insurance coverage for the third parties.


  25. Terms and Conditions

    1. The special event permit holder is responsible for ensuring that: the assigned area is appropriate for the activity; the activity is conducted in a safe, orderly manner; the activity is restricted to the assigned area; the event activities do not interfere with other park and trail users.
    2.  Any property damage which occurs during the permitted event, including during set up or take down, is the responsibility of the special event permit holder. Damage to park property should be reported immediately. It will be assessed and repair costs billed to the special event permit holder. A damage deposit may be required for any event.
    3. The special event permit holder is responsible for leaving the area clean and litter free and may be billed for any subsequent cost incurred by the CVRD for clean-up.
    4. If traffic control is required, a traffic plan must be provided to the CVRD.
    5. Barbecues may be used with prior written approval of the CVRD.
    6. Only non-breakable cups may be used for beverages. For safety reasons glass containers are not permitted.
    7. The CVRD logo may be provided to the event organizers to be included in event advertising.
    8. The CVRD reserves the right to cancel an event or activity due to unforeseen circumstances and shall not be responsible for any costs or damages to the permit holder or others as a result of such cancellation.
    9. Failure to follow the terms and conditions will result in the denial of any further special event permit applications from the applicant. 

    CVRD Park Bylaw #738 requires that unless specifically permitted:

    1. Vehicles are not to be driven onto any areas other than designated parking areas and park roads. Unauthorized vehicles may be towed without warning.
    2. The sale of goods, the collection of an admission fee, or the operation of a concession is prohibited.
    3. The operation of a public address system or amplified music is prohibited.
    4. No alcoholic beverages or cannabis products are to be dispensed, sold or consumed on the park property at any time.
    5. Signage, banners or advertisements are prohibited.
    6. The erection of structures, fences, poles, stages, bleachers, portable toilets, and the use of fireworks, is prohibited.

  26. Signature *

    By signing this application, the applicant acknowledges and agrees to the terms and conditions of use and that the information provided is accurate and correct.

  27. Document uploads

    Please upload any supporting documents. If you are unable to provide required documents at this time, please email copies to 


    Event Approval  

                   CVRD Event Approval 

    Additional Terms and Conditions

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