Page Point Bistro
For nearly as long as there has been a Page Point Marina, there has been first class dining available to our guests.In July of 2010, Robert and Sandy Wilkinson opened the Page Point Bistro.Their enthusiastic approach to the venture is reflected in the friendly, relaxed atmosphere — balanced with the impeccable service, fantastic cuisine and comprehensive wine list.

Robert, an entrepreneur, sees the revamping of The Page Point Restaurant as a personal challenge and a means of establishing himself in a new industry.

On the other hand, Sandy is a dedicated restaurateur who culled her passion for Bistro cuisine from years spent working and dining in countless other restaurants. To her, acquiring The Page Point Bistro is the fulfillment of a lifelong dream to own a restaurant.

Together, they envision the bistro as a gathering place that reflects their passion for food, family and fun. The focal point is the lighter, more accessible fare that is presented in a first class manner, yet with the more moderate pricing typical of a neighbourhood restaurant or bar.

4760 Brenton-Page Road
Ladysmith BC

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