South Cowichan Liquid Waste Management Planning

The South Cowichan is a place of extraordinary beauty and unique social, economic, cultural and environmental significance. Residents of the area wish to retain the rural character with village centers and protect their quality of life and natural environment.  

The Situation

However, the South Cowichan area is challenged by it's own desirability as a place to live. In recent years, the South Cowichan population has grown faster (6%), than the regional average (4%). During this time, there have been exceedances of water quality objectives for surface water in the plan area. Currently, several sewer systems in the area do not meet regulatory standards for discharge. 

The Problem

We have 25 individual sewer systems in the plan area without a coordinated strategy.

In the future, our population is expected to continue growing rapidly. The environment will be unable to support the impacts of our communities. 

What we are doing

We have gathered feedback from the public about longer term planning for services needed to support our communities in the South Cowichan. This information was used to consider solutions that are being outlined in a South Sector Liquid Waste Management Plan. We plan to have more information to share including preferred options and estimated costs.