Air Quality Map

AQ map

UNBC Air Quality Map

The UNBC Air Quality Map provides hourly PM2.5 observations. Click the map above, and zoom in to a sensor near you to learn about air quality in your region, and what it means.  

This map compares air quality data to the Canadian Air Quality Health Index Plus (AQHI+) values, which are also used by the BCCDC and the BC Air Quality Website

Data on this map are corrected against data from regulatory monitors using a formula developed by the University of Northern BC and Environment and Climate Change Canada, and are therefore the most reliable data available. Learn more about data correction here

Neighbourhood Sensor Network

The CVRD has worked with partners to establish a neighbourhood sensor network.  Sensors for the network were established in collaboration with the School District, the BC Ministry of Environment and community stewards.  Real time air quality readings can be found in various neighbourhoods by zooming into the Cowichan Region on the UNBC Air Quality Map.

Provincial Air Quality Monitors

The BC government maintains PM2.5 sensors at 3 locations in the Cowichan region. The data can be found at the BC Air Quality page under Current PM2.5 Data.

BC Wildfire Services Map

Wildfire locations in British Columbia are available through the BC Wildfire Service and as seen on the BC Wildfire Service's active wildfires map.

Wildfire Smoke Map

North America wildfire locations and PM2.5 (smoke) forecast is provided by

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to frequently-asked questions regarding the air sensors can be found on the FAQ page.