Personal Use Water Conservation Tips

Personal Water Use Reduction Strategies
Wise Water Use

Activity Average Water Usage Reduction Strategies
Brushing teeth 10 litres (3 gallons) per day Fill glass for rinsing instead of running water
Showering 150 litres (40 gallons) for a 10 minute shower Use water-saving showerheads Reduce shower time to 5 minutes
Bathing At least 75 litres (20 gallons) for each bath Bath small children together
Flushing toilet 100 litres (30 gallons) per person per day (Toilets account for 43% of daily indoor water consumption) Install ultra-low-flow toilets Fix leaks
Washing clothes 170 litres (45 gallons) per load Install energy and water efficient models
Cooking 20 litres (5 gallons) per day Install low-flow aerators Cool water in refrigerator instead of running water until cold Wash fruits and vegetables in small bucket of water (re-use for watering plants)
Running dishwasher 60 litres (15 gallons) per load Run only full loads Install energy and water efficient models Wash by hand
Watering landscape Over 1,300 litres (350 gallons) per day Use drip irrigation wherever feasible Water early in the morning Focus water where it is needed
Hosing driveway 550 litres (150 gallons) each time Reduce frequency (i.e. 1 / year)
Washing car Over 500 litres (130 gallons) per car Reduce frequency to zero as soon as drought level 2 arrives