Green Shores

Green Shores for Homes
Green Shores for Homes is a voluntary, incentive-based program designed to help communities restore natural shorelines and enjoy the many environmental, recreational, and scenic benefits they bring. Benefits include:
  • Protection and enhancement of natural shoreline environments;
  • Improved accessibility to shorelines, eliminating drop-offs and walls;
  • Improved opportunities for strolling, kayaking, foraging and other beach recreation;
  • Lower cost shoreline protection from erosion and flooding.

Green Shores for Homes BC Pilot Project

The CVRD has been a partner in the Green Shores for Homes BC Pilot Project, led by the Stewardship Centre for British Columbia, since 2014. Other partners include the District of West Vancouver, Islands Trust (Thetis Island), and Powell River Regional District. The project involves working with homeowners and development professionals to identify tools and resources to incentivize Green Shores.