Watershed Planning

Watershed planning is a way of integrating land use planning for our communities with other impacts in our watershed to ensure that all the resources are managed effectively. While many organizations and levels of government have a role to play, it is at the community and local level where gaps in information and management are felt. The CVRD is in the process of developing Watershed Plans for the region's watersheds that provide water for our growing communities in order to identify threats and future opportunities.

Watershed Atlas

The watershed atlas showcases information available about the pressures and stresses in our watershedsThe atlas is the first step in the development and implementation of watershed plans.  

Watershed Planning Process

Watershed Planning

The planning process is a tool used to identify threats on water resources and prioritize the prevention, remediation and improvements that are needed. We are characterizing our watersheds to identify high risk hazard areas that need to be managed.

Field Work