2024 Taxation

How Taxation Works For a Regional District

Taxation for Regional District residents is slightly different than for cities and towns. In accordance with the Local Government Act, the law that governs the activity of Local Governments, Regional Districts do not have the authority to collect taxes directly from residents or businesses.

Instead, taxes for Regional District purposes are requisitioned from the Province and member municipalities who collect from the taxpayers on behalf of the Regional District. Local services such as sewer, water, and garbage collection are funded through utility billings.

How Revenues Are Used

Tax revenues are used to provide local services such as fire protection, recreation, and street lights to residents and businesses within the electoral areas of the Regional District.

Tax revenues are also used to fund a wide range of regional services to everyone within the boundaries of the Regional District, such as parks, 9-1-1 services, solid waste management, emergency planning, and economic development.

Property Tax FAQ's

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