Why wasn't my garbage collected?

If your tote is not collected on your scheduled pickup day, please revisit the tips for a successful pickup to ensure that you are correctly placing your materials at the curb. The most common issues are

  1. Incorrect spacing. Please spaces totes 1m apart from other totes and surrounding objects such as cars, telephone poles, and utility boxes.
  2. An overfilled tote. Totes cannot be collected correctly if they are overfilled or have materials placed on their lids. This is because the contents will spill when tipped, littering the street.
  3. Totes that are facing the incorrect direction. These totes can be rejected as they pose a safety concern when contents are tipped into the collection truck

For up-to-date information about missed collections due to mechanical failures or weather-related disruptions, subscribe to CVRD newsflashes (signup here), download the Cowichan Recycles app or visit the CVRD Facebook page.

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