Can I “camp” on my property while I build a house?

Yes. CVRD zoning and building bylaws allow the temporary use of an RV during new home construction under the following conditions:

  1. A Building Permit for a House has been issued by the CVRD and construction has started.
  2. The RV bears a CSA Z240 certification and can be licensed under the Motor Vehicle Act.
  3. The use of an RV must cease after 12 months or 30 from the issuance of an Occupancy Permit,  whichever is first
  4. Sewage shall be disposed of at approved off-site locations, or if it is disposed of on-site, in a location and manner that is permitted by CVRD and Island Health
  5. The RV shall be located no closer than 4.5 m to any parcel line.

 Check with CVRD Development Services prior to getting started.  Not all CVRD Electoral Areas allow the same conditions.

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