How do I know if I need a Development Permit?

If you are planning to develop your property and it's located within one or more Development Permit Areas (DPAs), you will need a Development Permit (DP) prior to obtaining a Building Permit or obtaining subdivision approval, unless otherwise exempt. It is important to remember, a DP is not a building permit. To find out if your  project requires a DP application you can call staff or follow the instructions below:

  1. Visit the online Web Map tool, search your property using the address tool or Parcel Identifier (PID)
  2. Identify your property using the 'identify' tool (top left) - click on your property. Information should populate on the left side including the parcel boundaries, survey plans and development permit areas. 
  3. If your property is within a Development Permit Area it will appear in that list as 'DPA #'. Click on the DPA. At the bottom there will be a hyperlink to the Official Community Plan for the Electoral Areas. 
  4. Schedule C of the OCP is where you will find the Development Permit Area guidelines, definitions and exemptions. If your project does not meet one of the exemptions under the applicable DPA you will need a DP, prior to altering the land in anyway.

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