How do I read a zoning bylaw?

Zoning bylaws can be complex and because we have so many of them it can be even more challenging. We recommend following these easy steps:

  1. First find the correct zoning bylaw! The CVRD is made up of 9 different and unique Electoral Areas, each of which have their own zoning bylaw. An easy way to determine which Electoral Area a property is in simply check out our online Web Map! Search the property by civic address or parcel identifier (PID). Information will auto populate by clicking on the 'identify' tool and then clicking on the property. The zone and a link to the applicable zoning bylaw will appear alongside the Electoral Area.
  2. Once you've determined the Electoral Area, and have the correct zoning bylaw, the first place to start is with the table of contents (usually at the beginning of the bylaw).
  3. Find the zone and navigate to it. This is where it gets a little tricky. Each bylaw was written at a different time and likely by a different planner, keep this in mind when you are referring to multiple zoning bylaws. Please note that all the uses listed within the zone are subject to the general regulations of the bylaw (always refer to these). The main things you will want to look at in the zone are:
  1. The permitted uses (e.g. what uses are legally allowed to occur on the property)
  2. The conditions of use (e.g. setbacks, height restrictions, parcel coverage)
  1. As noted above, always consider the 'General Regulations'. These regulations apply across all zones throughout the electoral area and may determine whether or not a use is allowed (e.g. suites).
  2. Lastly, always consider the bylaw definitions. Each bylaw has a list of definitions to help clarify terminology used throughout the bylaw.
  3. When in doubt, always contact staff at

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