Can my clients subdivide?

Minimum parcel sizes and subdivision regulations are determined in thZoning Bylaw (please note that each electoral area may have their own zoning bylaw, and each zone within the bylaw has its own minimum parcel size). Minimum parcel sizes depend on the level of servicing (e.g. community water and sewer services) - typically, the minimum parcel size will decrease as the level of servicing on a lot increases. For example, a lot that is on well and septic will have a larger minimum parcel size than a lot that is serviced by community water and sewer. To determine if their property is, or can be, serviced with community water and/or sewer, please consult the CVRD web map and ensure the 'Utility' layers are checked on.

In addition to the minimum parcel size, general subdivision regulations also apply. These refer to the subdivision of lots severed by a road, another parcel or jurisdictional boundary; boundary adjustments/parcel realignments; subdivision of parcels containing a water body, watercourse or wetland; panhandle parcels etc. Note: each zoning bylaw contains its own general subdivision regulations and it is important to know which electoral area their parcel is within.

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