What is subdivision?

Subdivision is the process of altering legal property boundaries. It usually involves the dividing of a property into smaller lots. It can also include the realignment of existing property lines or the consolidation of two or more lots into a single lot. To subdivide land within an Electoral Area of the CVRD an applicant must apply to the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (MOTI). A Provincial approving officer, appointed by the B.C. government, approves subdivision plans in regional district electoral areas after all requirements are met. The CVRD is referred the application from the Ministry and considers minimum parcel size (found in each of the 8 zoning bylaws), and development permit requirements (found in the Official Community Plan).

The following are types of subdivisions where approval of the Approving Officer is required:

  • Adjusting lot boundaries between two or more lots (commonly known as boundary adjustment or lot line adjustment);
  • Creating several new lots from one or more lots;
  • Creating lots in a bare land strata development;
  • Creating strata lots through a phased strata plan;
  • Subdivision of land the purpose of leasing for a term longer than 3 years; and
  • Air space parcel subdivisions

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