What is an Official Community Plan (OCP) Amendment?

An Official Community Plan (OCP) Amendment application is required when a proposed development does not conform to the land use designation(s) of the OCP. An amendment is the process of legally changing the land use designation on a property through an amending bylaw. The approval process for an OCP Amendment is similar to a Rezoning Application – a bylaw amendment and a Public Hearing are required before the Board adopts an OCP Amendment. In some instances, an OCP Amendment must be made before a change to zoning can occur, and the amendment applications (OCP and Rezoning) typically occur in tandem. 

When the Electoral Areas Services Committee (EASC) and CVRD Board assess new development proposals, they are required to determine whether the project is consistent with the OCP. This is done by considering the proposal based on its designation in the OCP, and through an OCP policy assessment that is done by Planning staff. Amendments to the OCP are carefully assessed, as each new proposal should help contribute to the community achieving its visions and goals.

There are some occasions where a proposal is consistent with the goals and visions of the OCP, but is in conflict with the existing OCP land use designation or specific OCP policies. In this instance, an OCP Amendment may be required.

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