Is Honeymoon Bay phase one the same as our phase one?
There is currently no Honeymoon Bay sewer service area; therefore, there is no Phase 1 for Honeymoon Bay at this time.

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1. How many options does CVRD have? What are the other options?
2. Has the CVRD examined a similar system? If so, and it works, why not follow that model?
3. Where is the sewer going to be located?
4. Do they have a rarified (ratified) plan?
5. Who is named in the grant? The definition of the recipient of the grant should include HB and future developers or be solely for the 49 users.
6. Is the grant specific to Mesachie Lake or is it for the South Shore of the lake? There must be more than 49 users of this size of system?
7. Who are and who will the users be?
8. Whose addresses are on the plan?
9. What is the grant actually for?
10. What are the regulated standards and will we fit the standards or future standards?
11. Why was this model decided upon?
12. Who did the studies of feasibility without consulting any residents?
13. Will land be removed from the ALR?
14. Where are the feasibility studies and the disclosure of information?
15. Can we see the feasibility study? Why weren’t we consulted?
16. Can we see the grant application and the agreement from the feds?
17. Why not have a meeting first with residents and then do the studies?
18. What’s the rationale for putting the pumps and pipelines where?
19. Why do we need more engineering?
20. How can we transport high pressure sewage over a fish bearing stream?
21. How can we keep our tanks so close to Bear Lake as well?
22. How many times a week is the lake water tested for swimming?
23. What has happened with the budgeted money of $750,000 for 2017 that was in the budget around 2013 or 2014? Does the federal grant negate this budget?
24. What will the money in the 2019 budget be used for?
25. Why is the present surplus only $40,600?
26. What happens to budgeted money that is not used during the year? Where does the remainder go?
27. How many more employees will have to be hired to maintain this system?
28. Who pays for this power to run the system for the next 20 years?
29. Who pays the power bill to run the pumps?
30. What will extra costs be down the road?
31. Is Honeymoon Bay paying its share of Phase 1 as well?
32. Who’s paying for the power and upkeep of the pumps?
33. Where are the engineering estimates, cost predictions and over runs?
34. Who will pay for cost-over-runs when they happen? We shouldn’t have to pay for cost over-runs
35. What are the expected maintenance costs for 20 years?
36. What is the entire plan? All phases and projections.
37. If this doesn’t work, is there a plan B?
38. Is Honeymoon Bay phase one the same as our phase one?
39. What is the plan for Honeymoon Bay?
40. What additional costs will these phases perpetuate?
41. Is HB going to contribute to phase 1? Does HB have a phase 1?
42. What exactly is phase 1? What’s the concrete plan for phase 1?
43. Whose addresses are on phase 1? Does it include Camp Imadene?
44. Why is the line going to HB and not staying here? If the grant is for Mesachie, why not keep it in Mesachie?
45. Who can tie into phase one?
46. How many supplemental pumps will be needed to pump such a great distance? What is the provision for power outages? How long will generators run the system?
47. What happens when there’s a power outage and the pumps don’t work?
48. Is there any Timber West land closer to Mesachie that is more suitable for the septic field?
49. Is there suitable Timberwest land closer to Mesachie Lake that is suitable for the new fields?
50. Where will the pipelines route through our community?
51. How much control will we have over the septic field if we’re part of HB’s system? How much control will we have if we are paying for step 1?
52. Is this a quick fix that may have to be replaced in phase 2 or later?
53. What is phase 2 and is it building on phase 1?
54. What Happens in phase two and phase three?
55. What are the costs of clean up after each Phase?
56. Where is the pipeline proposed to go in Mesachie?
57. When is the meeting slated to be held for residents?
58. We could be facing a meeting in 2-3 weeks, are we prepared?
59. Why are these meetings being held in summer when so many are on vacation? How do we keep up with the information if we are not in town?
60. Should we extend this to September for a meeting with CVRD?
61. What will our new utility costs be in total? We are already paying $300 plus per year for sewer services, we need to be able to budget for these expenses on fixed incomes.
62. How many more fees for utilities and tax hikes can we handle on fixed incomes?
63. Why are we helping HB and South Shore Road developers? If the system is for South Shore, others who will benefit from the system should be paying their fair share as well.
64. On Forestry Road, will they have to have the pipe from their houses moved to the front yard from the back?
65. Who will pay for the connections to our houses?
66. If we pay for phase 1, will the Mesachie 49ers own it?
67. What are the legalities of making it our own system? (Debenture or Co-op)
68. Can we bear these costs in the community?
69. Is Camp Imadene on the system? Will they build their own?
70. Will we have to pay for our own pressure tank to tie our house pipe to get into the system?
71. Will residents have to move or re-route the lines from their houses to the main at their own cost?
72. Will we have to dig our own lines or will a contractor be sent to do it for us? What are these expected costs?
73. What will become of the roads in Mesachie Lake?
74. Will the roads be dug up with no access for residents or emergency vehicles?
75. Fire protection?
76. What are the developers paying? What is their share of the costs?
77. What are the developers paying for future yearly fees and costs?
78. Who are the known developers?
79. Why is the system not coming to Mesachie Lake?
80. Why are we supporting Honeymoon Bay and developers with no financial return to us?
81. What happened to the plan with Stin-qua/Ashburnum from before 2012 (2008?). Mesachie and HB were supposed to be able to apply for grants to tie into their treatment plant?
82. Do we know how much of the existing lines are PVC and how much are clay pipe?
83. If others tie into the system, what will they pay? We need written agreements to this. Who will be able to tie into this system?
84. Will we share the facility with HB etc? Is it economically fair that we pay for the first phase? Will future people re-pay us for our first financial input?
85. Who is entitled to tie in and what will they pay?
86. Who pays for individual connections?
87. Does everyone have to pay if the line goes by their residence?
88. Will they be forced to join the system?
89. What will their costs be?
90. What about the other 25-30 residents who are not on the system?
91. Does it lower our costs if new users join the system? Or do we all pay the same for 20 years?
92. Why is it going to Honeymoon Bay? If our septic field was closer, we would need a smaller pump and our footprint would be smaller: therefore cheaper in the long run and better for our environment.