Buying a House – Think about Asbestos

If you are buying a house, have a hazardous material assessment done by a qualified person in addition to your building inspection as a condition of your purchase. This hazardous materials assessment will help you determine the true cost of buying the house, especially if you are planning to renovate and will have to manage asbestos material and other hazardous materials.

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1. What is Asbestos?
2. When is Asbestos Dangerous?
3. Does my House have Asbestos?
4. Buying a House – Think about Asbestos
5. I’m about to Renovate - What should I do?
6. How much does a Hazardous Waste Assessment Cost?
7. How do I find a Pro to Manage Asbestos Safely?
8. Asbestos Disposal Facilities
9. More Things Worth Knowing…