Elections / Referenda

General Local Government Elections:

The 2022 General Local Government Elections will be in October. There will be two advance voting opportunities on October 5th and 11th and General Voting Day is Saturday, October 15, 2022. A list of CVRD Voting Places is available here. Mail Ballot Voting is also available, details can be found here.

Voter Registration and Qualifications:

Are you on the Voter's List for the next General Local Government Election?

Resident Voters that have recently moved to the Cowichan Valley or turned 18 may not be registered with Elections BC and their name may not appear on the Provincial Voters list. If your name is not listed you may register at the time of voting.

Non-Resident Voters (people who own property in the CVRD but live elsewhere), can apply to register as a Non-Resident Property Elector immediately before voting at a the voting place. You must provide two pieces of identification and proof that you are the registered owner on title. If the property is owned jointly with other individuals, you must also provide written consent of the majority of all the owners to vote as the non-resident property elector in relation to the property. Only one non-resident may voter per parcel.

Application and consent forms for CVRD Electoral Areas or the Thetis Island Local Trust Area can be downloaded here. For more detailed information about voter registration for non-residents, contact the Legislative Services Division at 250.746.2503 or toll free 1.800.665.3955.

Chief Election Officer
Robert Harper

Deputy Chief Election Officer
Kathleen Harrison
Contact: 250.746.2517