Bowling Alley

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Youbou Lanes is now open for Family Bubble Bowling Rentals

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Youbou Lanes

When you enter Youbou Lanes, you step back in time. This historic, beautifully maintained four-lane bowling alley takes you back to the 1950s, complete with hand set pins and much of the original equipment still in place.

Sanctioned for competitive events, Youbou Lanes is a popular meeting place for the community and can offer a recreational atmosphere with Rock'n Glow Bowling.

Bowling Alley Rental Fees

Adults / Seniors $4.50/game
Teen (13 - 18 yrs.) $4.00/game
Youth (13 and Under) $3.25/game
Adult Toonie Night $2.00/game
Family Dollar Night $1.00/game
Shoe rental $1.50/visit
Reservation fee $6.00/lane
Adult Leagues Lineage Fee $10.00/3 games
Adult League (Spare Fee) $11.00/3 games
Locker Rental Fee $13.00
  • Reservation fees are accepted on public bowling, non-dollar/non-toonie nights only, and are in addition to the regular games fees.
  • All prices include GST if required.
  • Additional Coordinator's time for cake etc, add $35/hr.

Private Rentals

Number of Lanes
1 Hour 2 Hours 3 Hours 4 Hours
$75.40 119.14 $160.63 $204.34
$83.05 $127.85 $169.37 $211.98
$102.71 $157.35 $213.09 $267.72
$110.36 $166.10 $221.82 $276.46