Youbou Sanitary Sewer System

Youbou sewer system is located east of Youbou in Area I and provides servicing for 78 residential properties.

System Overview

The system consists of a septic tank effluent pump (STEP) collection system and treatment utilizing re-circulating textile filter, gravity drum-type filters, UV disinfection and ground disposal. The effluent is considered high quality secondary treatment exceeding Class B. 
Youbou Wastewater System

Annual Charges 

Billing Period  Billing Date  User Fee* per Billing Period  Parcel Tax**
Annual Fees
(User Fees and Parcel Tax) 

January 1-June 30 January 1  $172.50 $500.00


July 1-December 31 July 1 $172.50

*User Fees are mailed out to each customers on the billing date stated above.
**Parcel Tax is charged once a year and is incorporated into the property tax for each customer.