Kerry Village Sanitary Sewer System

Kerry Village Wastewater System

The Kerry Village sewer system is located north west of Mill Bay in Area A. The system services a modular home park, a 32-lot residential development and Kerry Park Recreation Complex.

System Overview

The system consists of a combination of gravity and pressurized collection systems and an Ecofluid treatment plant capable of producing high quality, Class A effluent. Disposal of the treated effluent is to ground using rapid infiltration basins.

Critical equipment is monitored 24-hours a day for malfunctions, such as pump failures, and if such an abnormality occurs an alarm is sent to the on-duty pager to alert CVRD staff for immediate response.

Annual Charges

Billing Period
 Billing Date
User Fee* per Billing Period
 Parcel Tax**

Annual Fees
(User Fees and Parcel Tax)

January 1-June 30
February 1




July 1-December 31
August 1

*User Fees are mailed out to each customers on the billing date stated above.

**Parcel Tax is charged once a year and is incorporated into the property tax for each customer.