Eagle Heights Sanitary Sewer System

Eagle Heights Wastewater System
Eagle Heights sewer system is located south of the City of Duncan in Area E, with a small portion in Area D. The system services the equivalent of 783 single family homes through both residential and commercial developments.

System Overview

The system consists of a gravity sewer collection system flowing into the Eagle Heights pump station located on Christopher Road. Sewage is pumped from the Eagle Heights pump station to the Joint Utilities Board (JUB) lagoons for treatment and disposal.

Annual Charges 

Billing Period  Billing Date  User Fee* per Billing Period  Parcel Tax**
Annual Fees
(User Fees and Parcel Tax) 

January 1-June 30 January 1  $240.00 $0


July 1-December 31 July 1 $240.00
*User Fees invoices are mailed out to each property owner at the billing date stated above
** There is currently no parcel tax for Eagle Heights sewer system