What can be recycled?

Hundreds of items can be recycled at curbside or a local depot. For materials accepted at the depots check out all the accepted materials and fees. For the items that are accepted in curbside recycling totes, check out the curbside recycling educational guide. If you have a specific item in mind, you can search for disposal options using the Cowichan Recyclopedia

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1. What can be recycled?
2. What are the CVRD Recycling Centres hours of operation?
3. How is the curbside pick-up program funded?
4. Can I opt out of the program?
5. Where can I get my recycling or garbage pick-up schedule?
6. Why wasn't my material collected?
7. I just moved in. How do I get my recycling and garbage collected?
8. I just built a house. How do I get included in the collection pickup?
9. Can I get a different tote?