FireSmart Home Assessments

FireSmart for Residential Areas - Details

The goal of FireSmart is to promote wildfire awareness, complete risk-reducing wildfire mitigation activities, and conduct FireSmart assessments in residential areas that are in a high wildfire interface area.

The CVRD will work with participating home owners to develop goals that tailor to their unique property by educating them in FireSmart principles and letting them know their available options.

Some home owners (seniors, low income) will be eligible for additional support where we conduct the risk-reducing wildfire mitigation activities by removing any hazardous vegetation and create buffer zones between flammable material and limb vegetation to FireSmart Standards.

If mitigation activities are completed, we will conduct post mitigation assessments of the property to let the owner know of any steps needed for the continuation of successful maintenance.

How to Apply

Apply below for your free home assessment by filling in the online application form below or by connecting directly via email to your local firesmart coordinators at 

Deadline: Apply for your assessment before June 2023.