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September 9, 2022

Here is some important information that you should know for your walk/run tomorrow:

Start Time: 

  • 8:30 am sharp! 
  • Arrive before 8:00 for Race Briefing;
  • Warm up at 8:10 am;

After the warm up we will walk you across West Shawnigan Lake Rd and up a short trail to the start arch on the Great Trail.

  • NO LATE STARTS!  We have a “sweep” following the last walker to the finish site.  No participants can be behind this sweep. 
  • Please organize yourselves in such a way that runners are at the front of the group, fast walkers next and slow walkers at the back of the group.   This will allow everyone to get off to a safe and respectful start.

Start Site Location: 

  1. West Shawnigan Lake Park, is on West Shawinigan Lake Road, next to Camp Pringle in Shawnigan Lake.


  • Parking at the start site (West Shawnigan Lake Park) is limited to 110 cars.  We ask that you arrange to carpool or have a friend or family member drop you off before and pick you up after the event as this will relieve your stress the morning of the event.
  • Pledge Sheets:  Drop off a copy of your pledge sheet indicating who your charity is and how much money you have raised.  There is an award for the person/group raising the most money for charity.  Winners will be announced a few days after the event. You are responsible for remitting the funds you have raised to the charity of your choice.

Finish Site Location and Information:

  • Glenora Trailshead Park - look for the Finish Arch and follow signage;
  • We will have free snacks and beverages at the finish site;
  • We encourage you to arrange your own ride home from this location.  Limited seats in the shuttle are available.  See above for more details.


  • West Shawnigan Lake Park to Rest Stop #3 in the Glenora Trailshead Park area located along the Cowichan Valley Trail, a portion of Canada’s Great Trail.
  • The route is along a public trail so you may see others using it throughout the day along with horses or bikes; 
  • EXTREME FIRE HAZARD CONDITIONS so please do not smoke along the route;
  • Garbage receptacles will be available at each rest stop.  Please do not litter along the route.  This is a litter free event J;
  • There are a few tricky areas along the route:
    1. Road crossings that you must know about:
      • West Shawnigan Lake Road (crossing guard)
      • Oland Road;
      • Sallachie Road 
      • Renfrew Road (crossing guard);
      • Mountain Road (crossing guard);
      • Waters Road (crossing guard).

Participant Needs and Things to Note:

  • Sturdy shoes and good socks;
  • Dress in layers;
  • NO bicycles, baby strollers or pets please; 
  • No medications will be administered by staff or volunteers; 
  • Race bib numbers will be recorded at each rest stop and at the finish site;
  • This is a timed event and we will be recording your time using a program called Webscorer.   You will be able to view results at  We will also post scores on the CVRD Website at;

Baggage Transportation:

  • We will transport baggage from the start site to the finish site. 
  • Items to be checked in must be dropped off when you pick up your Race Packages, or before the start of your race. The item will be waiting at the finish site.

Discarded Items along the route:

  • If you decide you no longer want to carry something (coat, back pack etc.) you can discard it at any one of the rest stops along the way;
  • Check it in with the rest stop volunteer who will:
    1. Put the item into a plastic grocery bag;
    2. Label it legibly with masking tape and your race bib number and name;
    3. Bring it to the finish site when that rest stop closes once the last walker goes by; 
  • At the finish site when your bag arrives – we will be organizing them in numbered totes.   Please see a staff person who will help you find your item.


  • The Lake to Lake Walk & Marathon organizing committee will not be held responsible for lost or stolen items along the route.   Participants can leave items at their own risk;
  • Depending on the closing time of the rest stop that you leave your items with, your item may not make it to the finish site before you do.   If you are not prepared to wait for your item to arrive, please make alternate arrangements with the staff at the finish site for pick up at a later date.

Rest Stops / Food and Water: 

  • There will be three rest stops along your route (please refer to the map); 
  • Food items are provided as complimentary snacks and may not meet the needs of all participants (re: food allergies or preferences).  
  • Portable toilets will be located at the start site; in the Kinsol Trestle parking areas; as well as at the rest stops along the way; 
  • Communication (organized by the CVRD’s Emergency Management Division Staff): Radio volunteers will be located at the start site/finish site, along the route and at each rest stop. (Note: cellular service is spotty along the route);
  • Each finisher will receive a medal upon completion;

We hope you enjoy your experience as a participant in the Lake to Lake Walk & Half Marathon.  If you have any further questions, please let us know.


Lake to Lake Walk & Marathon Planning Committee.