Plan a Community Clean-Up 

The CVRD supports many community organizations that volunteer to clean up litter and illegal dump sites by offering free waste disposal at CVRD Recycling Centres. Free waste disposal is also offered to local organizations like thrift stores who engage directly in waste diversion by re-purposing items or who are subject to illegal dumping at their stores.


  • To apply for a tipping fee exemption, your organization must be either a registered non-profit society or charity or a school district.
  • For community clean-ups, the clean-up must take place on public lands and/or waterways within the Cowichan Valley Regional District.
  • For local organizations like thrift stores that are subject to illegal dumping, the illegal dumping must take place on the store property.
  • You must fill out and submit an Application Form before your clean-up event.
  • Please remit your application at least two weeks in advance of your clean-up event date.

Sorting items and Determining Fees

Ensure you sort items BEFORE bringing the material to CVRD Recycling Centres. Check the list of accepted materials to determine how to properly sort the collected waste. Some materials are accepted free of charge while other materials will be counted towards the tipping fee exemption limit. The maximum tipping fee exemption is $1,000 per clean-up project.

Reporting Illegal Dumping

If you notice illegal dumping in an area near you, be sure to take action and report illegal dumping activity.