FireSmart in the Cowichan area 

Wildfire is a risk that all citizens of the Cowichan Valley need to be prepared for. While that seems like a big task, FireSmart is here to help you get started and make proven steps toward protecting your home and community from wildfire. 

Whether it's your house, your neighbourhood, critical infrastructure or vital resources, the CVRD has local experts and easily accessible resources that empower you to make your community safer.

An Introduction to FireSmart BC - watch the video below!

FireSmart Kick-Start Project Details

The goal of the FireSmart Kick-Start Project is to promote wildfire awareness, complete risk-reducing wildfire mitigation activities, and conduct FireSmart assessments to households and farms that are in a high wildfire interface area.

The CVRD will work with participating residences, farms and ranches to develop goals that tailor to their unique property by educating them in FireSmart principles and letting them know their available options.

Some homes and farms will be eligible for additional support where we conduct the risk-reducing wildfire mitigation activities by removing any hazardous vegetation and create buffer zones between flammable material and limb vegetation to FireSmart Standards.

Once the mitigation activities are complete, we will conduct post mitigation assessments of each property to let the owner know of any steps needed for the continuation of successful maintenance.

FireSmart Home-Ignition Zone-Graphic showing zones around a house

Want to Have Your Home or Farm Included in the Project?

Please click the Apply button below to fill out an assessment form and receive a reply from a local FireSmart representative. FireSmart assessments are free of cost.

Why Homes Burn

Website Graphic - Why Homes Burn - house with yard vegetation
Embers and sparks are common causes of home ignition. They are easily transported by wind and ignite fuel sources such as coniferous trees and surface fuels such as plants, leaves, wood piles and dried grasses. Building materials used on your home such as wood shakes, wood or vinyl siding and wood fences attached to homes can also be an easy source of fuel for a wildfire.

FireSmart Cowichan - Malahat Firehall Upgrade

The Cowichan Valley Regional District and the Malahat Volunteer Fire Department recently took on a FireSmart mitigation project. The project was a critical step towards reducing the wildfire risk to the Malahat Fire Hall. Please watch the video below to learn more.

 FireSmart - Cowichan Area - Webinar Presentation

Curious about FireSmart Recognized Neighbourhoods? Watch a video about Whistler, B.C.'s experience.

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Visit FireSmart BC for tools and tips to help make your community and home safer against the threat of wildfire in the Cowichan area.