Emergency Support Services (ESS)

Emergency Reception Centres for Authorized Evacuations Only!

When people are evacuated for an emergency such as a fire, wildfire, flood, hazardous materials spill, etc. an Emergency Reception Centre may be activated to provide assistance to evacuees. Evacuees will be informed at the time of an evacuation which Reception Centre has been activated as this depends on a variety of factors including location of the emergency, potential hazards and safety of the facility.

Services may include: 

  • registration
  • family reunification
  • emotional support
  • coordination of essentials such as food, clothing and lodging

Primary Reception Centres include:   

  • Cowichan Lake Sports Arena, Lake Cowichan
  • Cowichan Community Centre, Duncan
  • Frank Jameson Community Centre, Ladysmith
  • Kerry Park Recreation Centre, Mill Bay

Many Secondary Reception Centres have also been designated (view listing).

NOTE: Individuals and families need to be prepared to look after themselves for a minimum 7 days in an event such as the severe windstrom, snowstorms, and devastating earthquake. If you can't safely get out, we can't safely get in to assist! Reception centres and/or warming centres may not be available! Personal Preparedness and working together with our friends and neighbours is essential for everyone! Please do not try to travel until road safety can be determined.