Community Recovery Services

Community Recovery assist people impacted by a disaster to connect with community resources to begin the process of rebuilding their lives as soon as possible after a disaster.

At a Reception or Resilience Centre, volunteer services may include:
  1. Providing Community Recovery information
  2. Assistance completing Capacity & Needs Assessments and/or Disaster Financial Assistance Applications
  3. Providing emotional support to evacuees
  4. Connecting evacuees with resources
At a Recovery Operations Centre, volunteer services may include:  
  1. Collecting information regarding community recovery resources
  2. Performing administrative or office related tasks such as filling forms, answering phone queries, documenting progress and filing
  3. Organizing registration and safety training for volunteers (sandbagging, information distribution, etc.)
  4. Providing emotional support to workers

Recovery measures may include: 

  • Temporary housing
  • Monitoring of health care needs, including psychosocial needs, and continued provision of health services
  • Environmental impact assessment
  • Economic recovery
  • Planning and reconstruction
Interested in Volunteering?
Desirable skills and attributes: 
  1. knowledge of local area and available community resources
  2. administrative/clerical and organizational skills
  3. work as a team member

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